Minton's Brunch: Theo Hill, Dezron Douglas, Joe Palmer- D.A.P.


3 dim. string construction with various music 78, 33 ,45 of various artist by whitney marchelle


Photo by Buffalo News

Art work of Joe Saylors Tamborines he crashed on the late show string constructions various albums these are made for upright on the wall. Made by Whitney

Late Show -Joe Saylor And Ms Marchelle Art Project


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Art piece of Opal Gold thread diamond and ruby made by whitney

Gift made for Alize of Crushed Tourquise , paper mache' and leaves from money tree . made by whitney


CD Release: Wycliffe Gordon,Fela, Whitney Marchelle, Theo Hill,Lonnie Plaxico, Kim Thompson, TS Monk - Mintons DAP

Zinc Bar Lady Got Chops Festival



Gregory Davis - Cover   

David A. Powel

Keith Havision Rogers

Rowena M Husbands

Ernest Gregory